Baby Boomers, Why Initial Higher Costs For Top Quality Items Are A Long Term Savings Bonanza

The group of people born between the years 1946-1964 are often referred to as the generation of baby boomers. While their population percentage is only 27% they represent a far greater percentage of wealth and spending capital.

One particular individual has spent numerous hours and even years investigating the buying habits of this generation of baby boomers. This individual is nothing less than world renowned economist Paul Zane Pilser. Basically his insight has revealed that this generation has a much keener sense of health and wellness than their parents did and most aren’t shy about spending their money in maintaining their health.

One of the primary characteristics of the baby boomer generation is how they shop plus their spending habits. They are typically financially able to spend a large percentage of their income on items beyond the basic necessities of life. Items like expensive toys.

The intelligent, savvy shopper will usually gravitate toward the very best quality product their personal finance’s will support. The smart consumer has learned a top quality product is usually the superior buy as it saves them money long term as well as being the better performing product. Purchasing a lower quality product is almost never a good buy provided one is able to afford a higher quality version. When constantly replacing products of lesser quality it becomes increasingly difficult to get ahead.

Of course, don’t get confused with expensive accessories that add to the cost of an item. These accessories don’t necessarily add any additional quality to an item. For example, you could buy a particular car with or without a navigation system. The quality of the car would be the same with or without the navigation system. However, if most people select this particular option, BONANZAJP not getting it may make it less valuable when selling it.

In conclusion one last item concerning the buying habits of boomers concerning consumable, reusable commodities like nutrition supplements and health foods and the like. The sophisticated educated boomer even if their initial purchase of a particular item is not the highest quality, once they determine they like that item they will move up in quality with their purchases. And of course they tend to stay with the higher quality item as they simply like it better and/or realize it’s their best and truly least cost item over it’s lifetime.

In reality everyone would love to have the best quality they just in most cases don’t believe they can afford it. What most people don’t realize is there are plenty of high quality items that they could actually afford, saving them money long term. Plus this is what the wealthy do and if you ever have any aspirations of being wealthy learn to emulate the wealthy in the areas responsible for creating wealth.

This is why we as a merchant have elected to only provide you with the very best quality products along with our dedication to the very best service. Because while we realize you may try a lesser product once you have tried the best you will almost always be back for more and we will be right here. We’re not going anywhere.

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