Best Deals in Eastern Europe – Russia, Baltics, Belorussia and Ukraine


A trip to Eastern Europe

What will it be like? Of course you are not the typical tourist looking for the typical things. Eastern Europe must be understood properly in order to do not get what you don’t want. Nothing specially romantic, not high skyscrapers or busy last fashion commercial centers full of posh people looking for the last trend. Even if this countries are in strong development, there is still a long way to walk until they get into the economical level of the European Union. In any case, the recent conflictive history has left many things behind and architecture is going to be admired in a different way, as some of the buildings standing there have suffered from wars. The effort to bring up those countries with not enough resources leaves cities of contrast. This is definitely the word you will pronounce in nearly every city you visit.

1 Week Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

In this case, providing that we are going to focus only in the most eastern part of Eastern Europe, a good route alternative would be to visit the capitals Moscow in Russia, Minsk in Belorussia and Kiev in Ukraine. For this trip we are going to leave the Baltic countries behind as there is not enough time to reach the region if you want to do a proper visit to the big Moscow. Distances are long, and even if you could do this route by train, maybe the most efficient way provided the short time you have is to get a flight. Low cost flights are not highly developed in this region so probably you will need to use normal carriers.

2 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

If you are looking for a longer trip, which I highly recommend, the possibilities get extended quite a lot, as you will have time to visit St. Petersburg, the second most touristic city in Russia, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and Riga, the capital of Latvia. The way this route should be built is by departing from Moscow and taking a train or flight to St. Petersburg to start with the old Russia. After that, I would recommend a train pass that would guide you to Tallinn to the west, Riga going further west and then going down heading to Minsk and later in the Ukraine capital, Kiev. Finally, a flight to Moscow could be a good option. You can do the whole route by train if you like this kind of traveling and enjoy the sights from the window.

3 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

That would be the case of somebody with a nice boss, Business in Ukraine  which opens possibilities even more. In any case, the region is very big and exploring it all would need a whole month or even more. In any case, the cities that I would add are Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and L’vov, a touristic city in Ukraine. Being sincere, I wouldn’t add more cities and I would simply spend more time in the ones that are already mentioned in the two weeks itinerary. A good way to organize the route is to add Vilnius on the way between Riga and Minsk, and head then to L’vov before visiting Kiev. As before, possibly train would be the best option, but you can feel free to combine the plane to cover the longest distances.

4 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

That’s a real opportunity to get to know all this countries better than with any other option. I think that knowing the capitals of the Baltic region is enough, but in Belorussia a visit to Brest-Litovsk would be recommended. Just add it to the itinerary of 3 weeks between Minsk and L’vov. I would then spend this extra days visiting Russian cities, specially Yekaterinburg and Kazan. If you have more time, definitely it should be for other Russian cities that are place further east. In this trip, using the plane for the longer distances to Kazan and Yekaterinburg is highly recommended, while the rest of the route can be covered with a train pass.


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