Important Cholesterol Info You Should Already Know


Cholesterol is nothing but a chemical compound that is produced in the human body, and is a combination of fats and steroids. People are increasingly looking for information on cholesterol these days because a good number of people in the present developed world have high cholesterol levels.

The developments in science and technology have opened several new job opportunities, but most of the modern day jobs do not require extensive physical movement. The human body is designed to have a lot of movement and when we cannot ensure sufficient physical activities in our life, we are exposing ourselves to serious health hazards.

Cholesterol is produced by the human liver and this consists of 80% of the total cholesterol production, the rest coming from our diet. The main sources of dietary cholesterol include poultry, fish, meat and dairy products. Organ meats contain a high percentage of cholesterol while plants usually do not contain any cholesterol at tall. Cholesterol is absorbed by the intestine and is stored in your liver for future usage. Now this can be a little bit confusing because if cholesterol is needed by our body, why is it considered as a problem?

LDL and HDL Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels are considered bad when LDL cholesterol is high in your body. This is because excessive LDL cholesterol will be deposited on the artery walls and the formation becomes a thick layer called cholesterol plaque. The excessive buildup of cholesterol plaque narrows the arteries and this condition is called atherosclerosis.

HDL cholesterol is considered good cholesterol because of its ability to fight atherosclerosis by breaking down the cholesterol plaque from the artery walls and disposing them through the liver. It should now be clearer how a high level of LDL and a low level of HDL can pose serious health hazards. Both heredity and diet can influence your LDL and HDL ratio.

Why reduce LDL?

Even if you have an excessive amount of LDL in your blood because of hereditary reasons, the good news is that you can still significantly reduce your blood cholesterol level. Here are the reasons why you should:


  • If you reduce your LDL cholesterol, you can stop or reduce the plaque formation on your artery walls.
  • By preventing the buildup of cholesterol plaques or breaking down cholesterol plaques, there are less chances of blood clotting and the blockage of blood vessels.
  • Widening arteries result in a lower risk of heart diseases.
  • Similarly, the chances of a heart attack or a stroke are decreased. Today World Info


Following a low cholesterol diet plan and including cardiovascular workouts into your regular routine are some techniques that can help you fight your cholesterol issues. It is very important to maintain lower cholesterol levels because the consequences of high cholesterol are really dangerous and are often overlooked. By reducing your cholesterol levels, you can make sure you have one less thing to worry about. There is no better way for you to bring peace of mind for you and your family than to have a healthy living. So make sure you consider adapting a healthy diet plan today and do not take it lightly.


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