Mobile phones — The best and the Trendy Way to Communicate


Mobile phones have become an built-in part of our daily lives and leaves many of us wondering about its importance and the different roles that mobiles play in our lives. How and when phones became an built-in part of our daily life, really leaves many of us wondering. It is difficult to imagine life without the crucial mobile phones. Virtually every person walking down the road whether a sweeper, a student, teacher, serviceman or a entrepreneur either owns a mobile phone or is planning to buy another from a better company.

In case you belong to the lot of people who are looking forward to a more technologically updated and a trendy mobile phone, then latest mobile phones from the LG are perfect for the users. In its commitment to offer better customer service and to survive in Cast Android TV this competitive market, the LG company has come out with the LG shine models which are KE970Shine and LG U970. Like any others mobile phones both of these shine models have their own areas. They are given an attractive slide opening design that makes the mobile phones look fashionable with an eye catching mirror effect.

The beautiful KE970 Shine is the second Black Label Series mobile phone to be designed by LG. The screen displays a real mirror when the LG Shine SIM free is in its closed position that is shown admiration for by everyone. The roll bar navigation tool is also there in the phone, allowing you the user to easily scroll through menus. The keypad is attached into the steel surface and the keys have a blue back-light which is highly effective. The super sleek form of the LG Shine models are made to attract people. The U970 Shine is a 3G phone which comes in a lavish steel covering with mirror effects. It has large screen which provides up to 262, 000 colours.

This LG Mobile phone with all the good look feels good to operate and to hold. U970 Shine phone only weighs about 120 gram including the battery, whereas KE970 LG Shine SIM free is a super slim phone with a depth of only 4 mm. Including the fitted battery, the KE970 weighs about only 115 grams. The phone comes with 2 GB of built in memory and the fitted battery provides up to 2 hundred and 70 hours of standby battery time. The user can enjoy up to three hours of talk time from a fully charged battery.

In the the models there are built in very good music player which can play music in formats such as MP3 FORMAT, 3GP and MPEG4. The phones come with some pre installed songs and its very good music player provides high quality sounds. Game lovers can download Capuccino games. These mobile phones are allowed with Wireless bluetooth and also have the facility of UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS port. So, the users can easily transfer data files between mobiles and computers. These mobile phones have Internet facility and users can download required documents and we can search the internet for checking our mails. The U970 has 2 Ultra pixel camera, with the capabilities of 2x Digital Zoom, Auto focus and Flash. These mobile phones have large in build phone memory, so you can store your personal phone contacts.

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