To Win the Persistent Idea of War


Because of the unpredictable chain of events in the aftermaths of the occurring butterfly effect, killing an individual may be the cause of death of a great-grandchild as he or she is in effect unborn. It is not as important to win a war, as it is to win the idea of war. None of the existing generations has invented the idea of weapon, and yet we make and develop them. None of the existing generations has invented the idea of war, and yet we wage them like the ancient tyrants and warlords. And as even they are not responsible of inventing the idea of war, how could the present generations be? Humanity is a slave to the idea of war, not the head of it. Its tyranny is carried out by the lives of the innocent civilians. But to win the idea of war means in effect that not only are the soldiers and civilians that are killed in the cross fire saved. It means also that the lives of those who are not yet born are saved. And the children of those fallen in the battle are saved. And their grand children are saved.Invent Help

If the idea of war is resisted, it remains as an existent idea, not transforming it to a prehistoric idea that is inconceivable for the generations of peace. The idea of was created by instinct, but knowledge and reason can defuse this nature.

If the idea of war is resisted, those who do not oppose the idea of war will oppose those who resist the idea they are carrying. The idea of war has long roots, sophisticated by countless of historically immortal military leaders. The day when the humanity decides the idea of war, carried out by countless of generations throughout time, is greater enemy than any war itself, to whom countless of lives have been lost, then, and only then, will the first true step towards the generations of peace begin.

A global stalemate in armament is better than the condition of global war, and yet the idea of war exists. Not to respond with a military force to a clear act of war, leaves the citizens vulnerable. If one nation were to leave the armaments, then those with armaments would abuse them. Such is the global slavery to the idea war. By reading the UN reports on mediating and finding peaceful resolutions to end war, the complexity of the entanglements of the idea of war become visible. Who then can stop the continuation of war, if it is carried as an idea that cannot be injured or harmed? And how do we end the continuation of the idea of war, if none of us has invented it, and yet carry it as much as the idea of bread? Invent Help

One of the most vivid historical example on the inherent aspects on how historical casualties are transferred to the new generations is found from the war between Kosovo and Serbia. The war had historical roots dating back roughly seven hundred years when a civilization then known as the Ottomans conquered and became the occupants of the land originally populated by the Dardani. The historical marking points of the conquering and reclamation of the land are 1389-2008. The latter date is the day the Assembly of Kosovo declared their independence and was confirmed by other nations whose recognition carried significance on the behalf of the independence of the people of Kosovo.

The idea of peace has shorter roots. It has not been carried for so long as the idea of war. There are not as many historically immortal humans who speak of the ways of peace as there are strategists to win a war (not the idea of war). In merit to the art of diplomacy and mediating, Martti Ahtisaari has not only brought peace between nations, but also saved countless of lives who would not have been born without his thinking skills.



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