Turn Yourself Into a Warcraft Gold Generator


In the bad old days, before Warcraft even had an auction house, you would get gold by looting mobs – over and over again. Then taking your wares to a vendor for a few copper. Some used the trade channel. There were a lot of scams.These days none of this is required. There is no reason why you can’t turn yourself into a Warcraft gold generator. There are probably two reasons why more people don’t do this.

Firstly, they would rather play the game as it is meant to be played. powerleveling, instancing, socializing. Who can blame them?

Secondly, it’s that there are quite a few people with a bit of knowledge, and to really take advantage of the system you need to be better than them, that’s an effort many don’t care to make.

That’s why a decent gold guide or power leveling system that gives you the information you need as quickly as possible is a boon. Armed with just a bit more knowledge of the system than everyone else – and you could be a World of Warcraft gold generator.

Since WotLK, gold farming has been on the increase. You may be tempted by the adverts selling cheap gold. Take my advice, do not buy gold. Your account may be banned, or compromised. Instead consider checking out some of the great WotLK Gold Guides.

In particular, be on the look out for the free gold guides. Buy wow gold There is no such thing as an ultimate gold guide. But there are many different ways to play the system in Warcraft. Most of them are 100% legal and fair. At the end of the day, when you need a stack of gold quickly, you would be better off thinking first – and acting second.

Think of your server as a closed economy. After all the prices for all items in the auction house are set by real players. The laws of supply and demand works just the same in Warcraft as it does anywhere else.

See what items are in surplus, and which items are rare. Consider buoying the surplus for sale later if it’s cheap, and perhaps spending a bit of time gathering those items that are scarce. At the most basic level, that’s a gold farming guide. A basic supply and demand balance that all too few players use when considering making more WoW gold.


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